Set your computer to type in Hebrew - Windows

[All buttons that need to be clicked will be boxed in red]

1) Click start (the Windows symbol)

2) Click Control Panel

3) Within the control panel, click "Change keyboards or other input methods"

4) Click "Change keyboard..."

5) Click "Add..."

6) Scroll down, and click on the plus sign by "Hebrew (Israel)"

7) Click the plus sign next to "Keyboard" underneath "Hebrew (Israel)"

8) Check (click) the box by the word "Hebrew" that just appeared

9) Click "OK"

10) Click "OK" on the other window

Now whenever you want to type in Hebrew, click on "EN" in the bottom right corner

And then click "Hebrew"

To switch back, click back in the same location (where it now says HE) and click English.

This page was written and designed by Eric Kleinberg